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Sales Group / Mutsu Chéng xūn

Sales Group / Mutsu Chéng xūn

Mutsu Chéng xūn

Sales Group / Joined in 2020
――― How about joining the company?What kind of company is NICO Precision Co., Inc.? * Including benefits

We are a company whose products are trusted by domestic and overseas customers.We are a company that develops technology and productivity through market research and customer needs.

――― Please tell us what you are doing in your current department.

I am in charge of domestic sales, and I am involved in everything from estimates to shipping.In order to meet the needs of our customers, we conduct customer data analysis and forecast management activities.

――― When do you find it difficult or rewarding to work?

Inquiries related to specifications used a lot of technical terms, and at first it was difficult to understand what they meant. I find it rewarding at times.
――― Please tell me how to refresh and spend your holidays.

I spend my days off with my wife visiting hot springs and playing games.

――― Please tell us what you would like to challenge in the future and if you have any goals. (Private too)

Actively increase communication with people involved in the production and design departments so that they can acquire knowledge of the company's production processes and products.In my private life, I am studying to pass the Kanji Kentei Level 1.

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