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Declaration for Health

Declaration for Health

NICO Precision Co., Inc. believes that “human resources are our greatest and only asset.”
Under the management philosophy ofHealth Management® based on the idea of ​​improving the health of employees,
We hereby declare that we will work to revitalize the workplace and realize a workplace where all employees can work energetically and in good physical and mental health.

NICO Precision Co., Inc.
President Ryota Okubo

Receipt of Silver Certification as Excellent Health Company

Since 2019, NICO Precision Co., Inc. has continuously received the Silver Certificate of Excellent Health Company from the Federation of Health Insurance Societies.

Health management promotion system

At our company, under the supervision of a “health and hygiene management promotion manager,” a “health and hygiene management promoter” (in charge of health) works together with public health nurses to promote health and productivity management.Planning and execution of specific measures I will

Specific efforts

Thorough medical examination and encouragement of re-examination for those with findings

We thoroughly carry out regular health examinations for our employees, and encourage re-examinations and detailed examinations for those with findings.
Thorough medical examination and encouragement of re-examination for those with findings
  • Main initiatives

  • Recommend re-examination to employees based on result criteria
  • Implementation of specified public health nurse guidance by public health nurses

Stress check for all employees

We conduct stress checks for all employees, focus on early detection and early response to highly stressed people (in the workplace), and implement initiatives to improve their health.
Stress check for all employees
  • Main initiatives

  • Conducting stress checks for all employees
  • Conducting interviews with industrial physicians for people with high stress
  • Understanding employee stress and physical condition with mental and health management tools

Efforts to curb long working hours

NICO Precision Co., Inc. is striving to reduce long overtime hours by improving efficiency through operational reforms.
・PC login and logoff management
・ Overtime work 60 hours or less / month
・Thorough overtime management at each department

Efforts to curb overtime and long working hours
We have implemented a health survey for those who work long hours of overtime, and have established a system that allows employees to consult with an industrial physician if there are signs of overwork or high stress in employees through self-checks using mental health and health management tools. I'm here.

Welfare system

At NICO Precision Co., Inc.,welfare servicesUtilize employee leisure timeWe are providing it so that we can make it more fulfilling.
We also encourage employees to take paid leave.Using five days a year and company holidays, we have set long consecutive holidays such as GW, summer, and year-end and New Year holidays.

  • Main initiatives

  • Encouraging employees to take paid leave (annual plan)
  • Enhanced special leave system (child care leave, reinstatement leave, congratulatory or condolence leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, hourly leave, etc.)*Depending on employment type 

Support for balancing work and illness treatment

We have a system in place to balance treatment and work in order to prevent undesired turnover of employees due to treatment of injuries and illnesses.
A system that can balance illness treatment and work
  • Main initiatives

  • Established a consultation desk to balance treatment and work
  • Provide support according to guidelines so that employees with injuries or illnesses can continue to work

Promotion of exercise / sports

We encourage employees to participate in exercise and sports and improve their physical fitness through the following initiatives.
Promotion of exercise / sports
  • Main initiatives

  • Conducting daily radio exercises
  • Indication of on-site walking course (distance) and display of calories when going up and down stairs
  • Implementation of Nico NICO Walking (Set a target number of steps and give a luxurious gift to those who achieve the target!)

Efforts to improve the health of female employees

Enlightenment activities by women's health (management) promotion staffearly detection of disease,Discuss your worries, create an environment that makes it easier for them to work, and promote understanding of the workplace.
Efforts to improve the health of female employees
  • Main initiatives

  • Recommended for gynecological examination
  • Confirmation of vacation acquisition status (conducting a questionnaire)
  • Encouraging employees who are pregnant or raising children to use the system

Infectious disease prevention measures (cluster zero)

We are making efforts to prevent infectious diseases as follows.
Measures to prevent infectious diseases
  • Main initiatives

  • Installation of alcohol disinfectant at the entrance and various places of the workplace, including the guard station
  • Wearing a mask at work
  • Recommend hand washing and gargling
  • Regular ventilation
  • Avoiding the three Cs (prohibition of eating and drinking in smoking areas, implementation of social distancing)
  • Work suspension and special leave system for those who have been in close contact with infected people
  • Special leave system for vaccination days
  • Cost burden for vaccinations such as influenza
In addition, in the unlikely event that an employee who may be infected with an infectious disease should occur, mental health tools will be used to detect and respond early to prevent the spread of infection to the surrounding area and to minimize the damage. I have.

Efforts to prevent passive smoking and reduce smoking rates

We have separated the office smoke to prevent second-hand smoke for non-smokers.

In addition, we are working daily to recommend smoking cessation and raise awareness in order to reduce the smoking rate.
Efforts to prevent passive smoking and reduce smoking rates
  • Main initiatives

  • Smoking is completely prohibited indoors at all business establishments, or smoking is separated by installing smoking rooms.
  • Provision of smoking cessation kid

External Evaluation “Certified Health and Productivity Management Excellent Corporation”

Our company, NICO Precision Co., Inc., has been recognized for its efforts toward health and productivity management in the "Health and Productivity Management Excellent Corporation Certification System (Small and Medium Enterprise Category)" sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi. Selected as an excellent management company
*For more information on the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition System, please see the following page.
Reference page:
"Health and Productivity Management Excellent Corporation Certification System" (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
* "Health Management ®" is a registered trademark of the NPO Health Management Study Group.
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