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Company Overview

Company Overview

Management Philosophy

As a member of the IHI Group, NIP places the highest priority on being a good corporate citizen who develops with society.
"Contributing to the development of society with technology"
"Human resources are the greatest and only asset"
Based on our management philosophy, we will fulfill our social mission with the following vision.


As a highly independent manufacturer specializing in Fuel Injection Equipment, we will solve various problems in the environment and energy fields of the 21st century by supplying products to engine manufacturers around the world. Become a global company that providesBecome the most rewarding company in Minamiuonuma City.

[NIP for employees]
NIP employees share the vision of contributing widely to society through engine manufacturers around the world as a highly independent manufacturer specializing in fuel injection equipment.
NIP employees share passion, knowledge and skills across departments.

[What employees are aiming for]
NIP employees work to create value for our customers
"Manufacturing technology / engineering capabilities"
"World-class business quality"
Become a professional with outstanding abilities from the perspective of.
(IHI Group Code of Conduct)


Aim to be No. 1 in the industry with health management and safety first.
Increase corporate value based on IHI Group ESG management.
Considering the environment and society, we will carry out the following business activities toward the realization of a sustainable society.

[NIP's ESG initiatives]
・ Transition to a carbon-neutral society
・ Preparing for disasters

・ Respect for human rights
・ Utilization of diverse human resources (diversity)

・ Compliance
・ Improved reliability due to high quality
·Risk management
・ Strengthen information security

Our History

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