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Employment Message

To all of you who apply

The kind of person we are looking for

● People with “positiveness” who can think and execute on their own

In recent years, Japan has various issues such as shrinking economy and declining international competitiveness. Not only perform a given job,Positive people who can think and execute on their ownSeeking.

● Person who can perform business with "flexibility"

Society is made up of people working together and working together. Respect and accept the opinions of people with different interpretations of values, directions, facts and things,Flexible person who can work in a teamSeeking.

● People with “extroversion” from a global perspective

Look outside to catch new information and discover new markets and business possibilitiesExtrovert with a global perspectiveSeeking.

Recruitment results

Number of employees
2022: 9 people
2021: 9 people
2020: 13 people
Number of staff
196 (as of 2023/4/1)
Average students age
41.2 years old (as of 2023/4/1)
Average years of service
10 year 11 months (as of 2023/4/1)
Average number of days taken for paid leave
Acquired on 17.5 days (as of 2022/4/1)

At work

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