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Quality Management Group / Yuya Naito

Quality Management Group / Yuya Naito

Yuya Naito
Yuya Naito

Quality Management Group/Joined in 2009
――― How about joining the company?What kind of company is NICO Precision Co., Inc.? * Including benefits

There is a pay raise system that motivates me, and there is a full welfare support system, so it is a good environment where you can refresh yourself without hesitation.Also, the people are nice and the local character is warm and pleasant!I enjoy listening to various stories every day.

――― Please tell us what you are doing in your current department.

The Quality Management Group conducts incoming inspections to check whether ordered products are manufactured according to drawings using various measuring equipment, and works to resolve quality problems both inside and outside the company.

――― When do you find it difficult or rewarding to work?

It's hard when you're faced with something that can't be evaluated with the existing technology or when you're facing a difficult problem.When my idea overcomes such barriers, improves quality, or raises efficiency, I feel a sense of exhilaration and a sense of accomplishment.
――― Please tell me how to refresh and spend your holidays.

Refreshing is going to leisure facilities, visiting scenic spots and power spots, and gathering with friends and having fun!

――― Please tell us what you would like to challenge in the future and if you have any goals. (Private too)

My goal is to become a person you can rely on both at work and in your private life!
In order to become a quality management professional, I am willing to take on difficult challenges!
I want to challenge skydiving in private!

Daily Schedule

●Quality Management Group
Daily Schedule
Going to work
Radio calisthenics / morning assembly
8: 15
Group leaders morning meeting
Product acceptance inspection
Work resumed
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