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Injection System Design Group Product Development Team / Hayato Takeda

Injection System Design Group Product Development Team / Hayato Takeda 

Hayato Takeda
Hayato Takeda

Injection system design group Product development team / Joined in 2009
――― How about joining the company?What kind of company is NICO Precision Co., Inc.? * Including benefits

I can feel free to consult with people from other departments in the company and people from affiliated companies, so I think it's an environment where it's easy to cooperate and work in order to proceed with work.

――― Please tell us what you are doing in your current department.

We design and develop parts that inject fuel into engines used in ships and power plants on remote islands, in accordance with the demands of our customer engine manufacturers.

――― When do you find it difficult or rewarding to work?

The demands on the performance and shape of newly developed products are becoming stricter year by year, but we have successfully developed a product that exhibits better performance than conventional products, and were informed that the performance of the engine using that product was good. I find it rewarding at times.In particular, I was very satisfied when I successfully developed a product with performance that was previously said to be difficult to achieve with the cooperation of those around me.
――― Please tell me how to refresh and spend your holidays.

In the winter, I enjoy snowboarding at the nearby ski resort, and in the summer I enjoy driving and cycling.

――― Please tell us what you would like to challenge in the future and if you have any goals. (Private too)

I would like to extend the flight time when jumping on a snowboard by about 20% compared to the current situation.I want to try skiing for the first time in a while.

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