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Planning Team, Production Planning Group / Joichiro Yamada

Planning Team, Production Planning Group / Joichiro Yamada

Joichiro Yamada
Joichiro Yamada

Planning Team, Production Planning Group/Joined in 2015
――― How about joining the company?What kind of company is NICO Precision Co., Inc.? * Including benefits

There are many opportunities to improve your skills, such as participating in seminars and acquiring qualifications.
The seniors are all very kind, and they invite me to play in my private life, and I am indebted to them both professionally and privately.
Thanks to that, it is a good workplace where even young employees like me can actively speak out.

――― Please tell us what you are doing in your current department.

In response to orders received from customers, we develop production deployment and production plans, and arrange parts necessary for products.

――― When do you find it difficult or rewarding to work?

I'm struggling with the information that changes every day, and I'm working on it somehow.
In such a way, if you improve your work with your own proposal, your motivation will increase.
――― Please tell me how to refresh and spend your holidays.

I go to concerts of my favorite bands and travel to change my mood!On my days off, I subscribe to watch videos and go out to eat delicious food with my family.

――― Please tell us what you would like to challenge in the future and if you have any goals. (Private too)

I would like to do my daily work so that I can always evolve without being satisfied with the current situation.
PS I tend to skip the golf practice I started recently...
I will practice hard from now on! !

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