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Business management group / Tomoko Kitamura

Business management group / Tomoko Kitamura

Tomoko Kitamura
Tomoko Kitamura

Business Management Group/Joined in 2018
――― How about joining the company?What kind of company is NICO Precision Co., Inc.? * Including benefits

There are many friendly people regardless of affiliation, so it is easy to ask questions at any time, and there is a safe atmosphere.
Workplace.It's also an environment that makes it easy to take vacations.

――― Please tell us what you are doing in your current department.

I perform labor management, health management, and general affairs work for employees.

―――When do you feel that your work is difficult or rewarding?

There are many opportunities to communicate with employees, and I feel that it is rewarding to be involved with people from various departments.Wage calculation and social insurance-related procedures, which are related to daily life, do not allow mistakes, so I have to deal with them with a sense of urgency every time.It is both difficult and rewarding.
――― Please tell me how to refresh and spend your holidays.

It is to enter a hot spring.There are many hot springs in Muikamachi, and I often go to the hot springs after work or on holidays to soothe my fatigue.

――― Please tell us what you would like to challenge in the future and if you have any goals. (Private too)

I would like to increase my knowledge by acquiring qualifications that are useful as a health supervisor and qualifications related to social insurance, and become a more reliable person.

Daily Schedule

● Business management group
Daily Schedule
Going to work
Radio gymnastics·Morning assembly
Morning cleaning (meeting room/office)
Equipment orders, industrial waste collection arrangements
Secretariat work for promotion of women's activities
Employee wage payment work and billing slip processing
Preparation for joining and leaving the company
Health work
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