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Received the Prefectural Governor's Award as an excellent business that employs people with disabilities.
September of each year is ``Disabled Persons Employment Support Month,'' and in order to create momentum for employment of persons with disabilities and support their occupational independence, we collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and prefectures to conduct various awareness raising activities. We are expanding our activities.As part of this effort, on September 9th at HOTEL GLOBAL VIEW Niigata, NIP was awarded the Niigata Prefectural Governor's Award as an excellent business employing people with disabilities.
In order to promote the employment of people with disabilities and ensure job stability, this program is aimed at businesses that actively employ a large number of people with disabilities, as well as excellent working people with disabilities who have been working for long periods of time as model professionals. something that celebrates accomplishments.
We will continue to aim to create a comfortable workplace where everyone can play an active role while solving problems across Niko Precision Equipment.

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